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Snuggled in the peaceful lush Nalani Valley of the Gohari range in Uttrakhand is the exquisite Wild Brook Retreat Eco-resort. It sits amid the Rajaji National Park surrounded by timberlands and clear streams. The cosy sunlit resort offers an experience of a lifetime with a stunning view to the green mountains around, the sparkling river, wonderfully balanced weather, and a stay amid a 100% natural habitat. With innumerable wildlife species surrounding the resort, the site is home to exotic flora and fauna which makes it a fantastic choice for wildlife enthusiasts. Not just this, the entire eco-friendly approach ensures that your stay is one of a kind and at the same time nudges you to keep coming back to the peaceful green retreat.


The beautiful Wild Brook Retreat is built at a very strategic location which not just offers the utmost convenience to reach but also offers very pleasant weather by the virtue of the surrounding green mountain range. Bukandi village is home to this beautiful accommodation resting just 24 kilometres from Haridwar. The nearest airport is Dehradun Airport which can be reached in just 25 kilometres. The popular landmark nearby is the holy Vindhyawasini Temple which is a must-visit during your stay here.

The spectacular Eco-resort awaits you with its detoxifying natural experience and its astonishing features. The stay at the Wild Brook Retreat is no less than heaven for the lovers of birds, wildlife and greenery with the renowned Rajaji National Park by the side. One can indulge in nature walks or relaxing bird watching sessions with over 400 exotic species of reptiles and birds which can be found here. If you are an adventure enthusiast then this beautiful Eco-resort might be exactly what you are looking for. One can choose from multiple exclusive packages of Jungle Safaris on jeeps, camping in the wilderness, trekking on the foothills of Himalayas and much more. The resort is partly-managed by a team of local people as well who look after the organic gardening section as the vegetables and maximum food ingredients used here are mostly home-grown. The delicacies served to the guests here prepared in the simple yet delicious local style with home-grown ingredients is one of the prime highlights.

The lovely accommodation has an entire range of luxury wooden cottages which beautify by several folds as the sun rays fill the rooms every afternoon ensuring a highly comforting and pleasant stay for its guests. The comforting stay at the resort offers untouched atmosphere with fresh air for the soul and breathtaking scenery for the eyes. Every cottage comes with the comforts of private bathrooms, work desk with chair, a wardrobe, warm and cosy king or queen-size bed (based on your room), sparkling fireplaces to keep you warm in the Uttrakhand winters, television facility and much more.

There are 2 major cottage distinctions available here based on which you will have to choose whether you are more of a mountain or a river person, which are:

Eco-cottage with a Mountain View

The marvellous room offers a view to the green valley and the mountain range right outside. The sunlit room has walls carved out of grand stone and is one of the finest cottages in the popular National Park.

Eco-cottage with a River View

The cosy cottage allows you to wake up to the natural music of flowing clear jungle stream. The stone-carved beauty is an absolute delight to stay in.

The resort is partially powered by solar panels and aims to opt for more eco-friendly practices in the near future. Spacious verandahs are carefully included in every cottage in order to allow the guests the rare pleasure of the sight of birds playing around, the verandahs even let you soak in warm golden sunlight and enjoy a contentful vacation away from the polluted fast world outside.


Not forgetting how nature is no less than a luxury today, the price bracket that the magnificent resort falls in is above 7,000 (which is a little expensive, we agree). Nonetheless, if peace is what you are aiming for then the breathtaking ambience and the abundance of the magic of nature around teamed with the lovely high-end cottages deserve every penny of it! The good news is that the resort often offers discounts depending on the duration of your stay or the mode of your referral, a separate scheme for complimentary meals and beverages are also available for guests. The meal plans often balance the rates out in most cases so there is a high possibility that one might be able to squeeze in a vacation in a medium budget as well. You can reach to us for discounted offers.


If you are looking for a blissful vacation in the lap of nature with an aura that is as pure and magical as pixie dust then the wonderful Wild Brook Retreat is just the right getaway for you. Being one of the most popular nature resorts close to Delhi, the Wild Brook Resort has several peaceful experiences to offer. Guests can choose from a wide range of activities based on their moods, enjoy hot chocolate with whipped cream in the sunlit verandah of the luxury cottage or go on an adventurous jungle safari on a jeep, savour the clean local cuisine or absorb the golden reflection of the sun on river waters, play around with the birds or just sleep it out, the renowned Eco-resort is hands down one of the best choices for a peaceful winter holiday amid thick mountains! A solo trip or a couple stay, a family vacation or a getaway gift to your parents, the accommodation sits to impress!

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