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The Rajaji National Park got the largest Shivalik Eco-system, It is 10 million year old. It's fossils fauna include about 50 species of elephant, one of them is present today. More...
Experiencing Wildlife in the Rajaji National Park is unforgettable. Stay at Camp King Elephant/ Forest Rest House More...
Study of Rajaji National Park

This section is for scientist as well as persons who want to study myriad of information about Rajaji National Park's Flora and Fauna, We along with many scientist belonging to WWF and BNHS run several programs to conduct study specially on Asiatic Tusker Elephant, but study is not just confined to Elephas maximus spp but cover whole diversified Flora as well as Fauna available in Rajaji National Park.

Scope of Study Rajaji National Park
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Reptiles' List of Rajaji National Park
No. Family Zoological English Name Local Name Habit & Habitat
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Veranidae Varanus bengalensis Large Land moniter Goh Powerful hold of claws. Good runner inhabit hollw tree trunk.
2 Coluridge sub family Elapinae Naja naja Common Cobra Nag Deadly poisonous, when excited they rare the forefront of the body and expand the upper neck into so called hood.
3 Coluridge sub family Elapinae Ophiophogus hammah King Cobra Kalang/Nagraj Poisonous. Jet black than cobra. Regarded as fierce and aggressive snake.
4 Coluridge sub family Elapinae Bungarus caerulem Common krait Maneer Very poisonous.
5 Coluridge sub family Elapinae Ptyas mucosus Rat snake Dhaman Timid and nonpoisonous colour dirty yellow.
6 Viperidae Vipera russali Russel viper Kander A pretty snake with bright coloured pattern. Has a potent venom and a dreaded snake.
7 Viperidae Trimumareaurus monilicae Pit viper Haragorus Poisonous but may not be fatal.
8 Viperidae Python mobrurus (Grey) Indian Python Ajgar Sluggish in dispostion
Please note that we do not take any responsibility about the veracity of this data, Please corroborate it with official data.

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